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We offer affordable video production for websites in Las Vegas and nationwide. If you are looking for a Hollywood production – we are probably not the right fit for you. If you just need a basic, professional looking video to promote your company and services – we can help, and save you a small fortune. We can create your video from stock photos or a short video you provide from your mobile phone. We’ll add titles, your logo, and narration if needed at no additional charge.

One key factor in this process is optimizing your video for YouTube and placing the video file in YOUR YouTube account. Local TV stations charge thousands for mediocre productions and then place YOUR video on THEIR website. That doesn’t help your cause. We optimize your video for your services in your area – so potential clients can find you in a YouTube search. Videos are also a nice addition to your website and great content for your social media campaign.

We can produce a fully optimized, thirty second video for $399. We will also set up or customize your YouTube channel in the process at no additional charge. The whole process only takes about a week on average.

One 15 minute call is all we need to get you started. > Our Process

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